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Sumu History

A clan named Mwambula [translated: "a plant with posionous roots"] inhabited lands afar off. Against their lands was a lion pride, who were their lethal enemies, although they weren't before the time of Heji the Strong, who was the Head Roh'mach of the time we're speaking of.

But, I'll back up a bit. When Heji the Strong rose as Head Roh'mach with an Ongozana's blessing, she had no further contact with the treacherous pride. After that, there was a sense of peace. Heji was a great leader, and had Mari the Grave as her Roh'mach. The Lesser Roh'mach at the time was the male Iai the Silent. A season after Heji established the new ranks, Mari and Iai had Niji the Noble and another child which never survived long enough to be named. Soon after this, Muni the Dishonest rose up and killed Iai [and was also the killer of Niji's sibling]. Muni took the ranking of Lesser Roh'mach by brute force, which Heji frowned upon, but allowed it only because male business was male business.

While Muni had his rank, he and Heji had a litter of cubs: Wi the Wicked and Geni the Strange [this happened while Niji was an adolescent]. Wi and Geni were always fighting, with Wi seeming to win the lot of the fights. Though, when Niji reached adulthood, he killed Muni the Dishonest and took his place as Lesser Roh'mach. While Geni and Wi were still growing, he took his mother, Mari's, place as Roh'mach when she died, he was strong enough [and so was the only male known to have ever taken the rank of Roh'mach besides Lami (who's name and memory was forgotten because of his treachery)]. As Geni became a late adolescent, Niji took a fondness for her and they became mates [even though he had children with others]. When Geni and Wi were adults, Wi took the rank of Lesser Roh'mach, and Geni had a child by Niji which had not yet been named.

One day, Wi approached her mother and asked if she would receive the rank of Head Roh'mach upon her mother's death [because it was approaching]. Wi backed that she was the strongest, but her mother Heji denied her the request for the simple fact that not only the strongest get the ranks, but the wisest of the strongest. Insulted and embitted, Wi left the lands. For the cause that she was jealous of her sister Geni and Niji's relationship, Wi used her sister's unnamed child as bait and made Geni leave the lands with her. Niji knew nothing of this until he woke up the next morning. Having a hard time recovering, Niji decreased his rank to Lesser Roh'mach and gave the rank of Roh'mach to his less aged and experienced underling, Lami the Coward. Heji, on the other hand, had other things to take care of [because her and Lami had a young, unnamed child]. That very, brand new Roh'mach Lami, turned on the Clan and went to a member of the resi! dent pride and made a pact. The male of the pride found out and wanted a mutual war between him and Heji, but she wouldn't agree. In the night, the male of the pride took what he wanted anyways -- a war -- and killed all but Niji and the unnamed child of Heji and Lami's [who Heji had planned to be his apprentice, for she wanted Niji to become an Ongozana (and Ongozana's have small apprentices to take their place when they die)], because they were off learning.

Wi, Geni, and Geni's child were off, though, wandering and finding the uninhabited lands branching off of the Mistweaver territory. They settled and were only recently found out because the banks of the lake in the middle of the Valley receeded. They then called themselves Sumu ["poison"], for the honor of Mwambula, their roots.