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 Firebrand Characters

 First Generation

Nakama(Revenge) & Munkari(Wicked)
Son and Daughter of Katili; Fathers unknown. Both deceased.

Beluwa(Trouble) & Afiriti(Evil Genius)
Brother and Sister. Parents unknown. Beluwa is deceased.

Second Generation

Kakate(pain), Hasira(anger), Vumilia(suffer), Tikiza(suffer)
Daughters of Munkari. Father unknown, rumored to be dead.

Wauaji(killer) & Nduli(killer)
Sons of Nakama and Kiro, a loner. Both parents are deceased.

Third Generation

Fitini(cause trouble) & Mtesi(cause trouble)
Daughter and son of Beluwa and Afiriti(incest).

Mulika(light of hope)
Taken in as Afiriti's younger brother, however of no blood relation.

(3rd gen. still adolescents)

Current Survivors

Wicked Sisters: Kakate, Hasira, Vumilia, and Tikiza
Brothers of Revenge:
Wauaji and Nduli
Trouble's Kin:
Fitini and Mtesi
Afiriti and Mulika


The Players


Wicked Sisters: The children of Munkari became orphans when their mother was killed by Malaki's Firebrand Pride. They fled to the shadow valley, and have been there ever since. Munkari was often accused of being a witch, because of her tendency to declare an ill on an individual and have it occur. However, nothing was every proven. Now, many believe her kin have inherited the gift.

Kakate(feel pain): Kakate is the second oldest of the four children of Munkari. Of the four siblings, Kakate is the most detached. The only trait she shares with her sisters are the dark amber eyes they've inherited from their mother. She is by the far the least attractive of the bunch. Her fur is scruffy and dull, because she's constantly scratching(Think Nuka). Kakate is very opinionated and loves to put her two cents into everything. However don't misunderstand this cheetah, she may not always agree with her sisters, but she will always be loyal to her brood.

Hasira(anger): Hasira is the eldest of Munkari's children, and the identical image of her mother. Afiriti, on occasion, has even mistaken the young cheetress for Munkari. Hasira's prophetic manner and alluring eyes, make her the most dangerous of all the children. She is the only child to have remembered the day they left to hid in the Shadow Valley. And something she saw on that day dawns on her, and has left a very unforgiving image in her mind.

Vumilia(suffer) and Tikiza(suffer): These identical twins make an interesting addition to the family. Their ghastly giggles make most people uneasy, but it isn't their giggles that you should be afraid. Of all the children, they are the most unmerciful. They thrive on the hunt, and will hunt most anything that will fight back. Both sisters share a number of scars from battles. They fight for sport, their intentions not always to kill, but to tune their reflexes. You'll usually find Vumilia and Tikiza very close to their eldest sister, giggling.

Brothers of Revenge: Nduli and Wauaji, and two other cubs were born out of desperation. The cheetah population was dwindling by the day; Many had moved on, others killed by the pride. Before the final movement, Nakama mated with the cheetress Kiro. No ones if he forces himself on her or what. All anybody knows is that Kiro was killed by the pride's head huntress while hunting. After hearing of Kiro's death, Nakama grabbed the cubs and fled. Somewhere between the hunting flats and the valley, Nakama was hunted down. . . the cubs left to fiend for themselves. Only Nduli and Wauaji survived, having reached the shadows.

Nduli(killer) and Wauaji(Killer): They are the best of the best. None have been faster, none have been stronger. The duo are unmatched when it comes to the hunt. . they know when and what to kill, and never think twice. They never hunt alone, always a pair. As though their thoughts were one, they react to one another. Since their arrival into the group, they've served as teachers to the young and often escorts to the Munkari Sisters. Unaware of how closely related they are to the Munkari Sisters, the males fall victim to their seductive whims.

Trouble's Kin: Some time after the last Firebrand attacks, Fitini and Mtesi were born. Not on the burnt sun-kissed plains of the Firebrand, but in the shadows of the valley.They would never know their father, and their mother, Afiriti, would be very distant during their cubhood; still digesting the actuality of her mate's. . .her brother's death.

Fitini(cause trouble) & Mtesi(cause trouble): Of all the litter mates, these two are the most distant. They whine and they bicker to one another, crying to dear ol' mom whenever something turns a rye. They share no identifying marks, that might bring you to the conclusion they are related. Fitini is the oldest and the largest, with more bars, than spots on her coat, and blue eyes. While Mtesi is a dark brownish-red, typically spotted, with violet eyes. Also Mtesi is half-tailed; bitten off by a rogue lion. On the verge of adulthood, these two are /still/ trouble. Trouble to themselves, and just about everyone, including those residing in Firebrand. It'll be no surprise if a conflict arises and these two are responsible. Their bickering annoys others. .they are rude, and foul-mouth to all creatures. .no matter how large.

Afiriti(evil genius) and Beluwa(trouble): At first unaware of their relation, Afiriti and Beluwa fell in love. They were offspring of the same father, different mothers. However, that did not stop them. They formed a lasting pair. . at least for awhile. Previously, Beluwa had refused Munkari when she was in heat. Munkari in an outrage, cursed Beluwa: 'Your children will never know their father, Beluwa. . never'. Beluwa speaks not a word of it to Afiriti, however others(who knew of incident) were not surprised when Beluwa would eventually be found died. . . supposedly by a lioness. Munkari's wicked tendency were known, and in Beluwa case, true. In time, Afiriti learned of Munkari and her daughters's wickedness, however, hasn't been able to tie it together with the death of her brother. In due time, the secret is bound to come out.

Mulika(light of hope): Mulika is not Firebrand by any relation. He was a rogue taken in by Afiriti shortly after her mate died. Mulika supposedly resembles Afiriti's brother and has since adopted the youth as a brother. The others tell Mulika that he is lucky to have been taken into the group. . . he would have died if they hadn't, however nothing can be proven. Mulika was not ill or injured, simply alone when he came across them. He doesn't share the views of the group when it comes to their violent nature and oppressive ideas, but is loyal. In the few seasons that he's been with them, he's grown attached to the group and his self-proclaimed sister. Mulika doesn't take part in the hunt or the kill, but simply takes part on the side. The wicked sisters call him a hindrance, but Afiriti keeps the peace for him.

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