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Family Tree


The Firebrand Pride Family Tree and Profiles in Mwenge


IC Generations:

Taken to Extremes | Betrayal Produces Hope | Tale of Prophecy(Present Generation)

It Begins


King and Queen

Malaki (Derivative of 'King') and Kata (Charm)



Chifa, Mili, Masai, and Niki

Taken To Extremes

From Late '98 until End of Spring '99


King and Queen

Moto (Fire): Son of Malaki and Kata

Makaa (Fuel): Daughter of Malaki and Niki


Mvuka: Son of Malaki and Chifa; Second Born. Rogue.

Choma (to burn): Daughter of Malaki and Kata; Sister of Moto

Mwale (Flame): Daughter of Malaki and Chifa; Sister to Mvuka

Hamaki (Fury): Daughter of Malaki and Mili

Mahadhi (Rhythm): Former Nomad; New Blood

Ruka: Former Outsider


Moto: King of the Mwenge -- Lands of Firebrand.  He was said to produce the fire-child in a Firebrand Pride's myth from long ago.  Though much superstition had been stifled by Malaki during his rein, rumors abound that it will be a female that will return the Mwenge's Pride to its former glory and power.  The fire-child myth has become shrouded through time so none know its real meaning or the depth of what it could bring... or take.

Makaa: As her name means Fuel, Makaa stood proudly at the right paw of Moto. She was as powerful a figure as the king among the lionesses, leading the pridal gatherings with her strong words and powerful gestures. She was raised to be a queen by Niki, her mother, and the training paid off well.

Chifa: The most experienced and longest lived of the Pride Members, she came into the Firebrand Pride from lands to the east for unknown reasons. Malaki took her in and, finding her fertile, rejuvenated the waning blood of his family through her. She had watched her original Pride Sisters pass into death, and, though she still had a few seasons left to live, was not expected to survive through another king.  As fate would have it, the loyal lioness died protecting Mwenga from her own son during the generation's falling.

Mwale: Daughter of Malaki and Chifa, she mated with Mkuva and produced the three bastard cubs, two females and a male, that were to eventually be left for dead by Moto, following Pridal law. She had been bitter since, deep inside her heart; none knowing whether she was raped or consented to the mating but herself.

Choma and Hamaki: This pair formed the two lionesses needed for what was known as the 'Flame and the Fire'. In the hunt they performed opposite actions: one stalked, the other rushed. One waited, the other moved. They off balanced one another and, through this, formed a union. They were best of friends and two of the greatest huntresses in recent memory.  Their hunting skills have yet to be matched.

Mahadhi and Tamba: The mother and daughter held a special place in the Lands of Firebrand. Tamba was Moto's first cub to have survive past its early moons, and she had grown to be a bright and attractive youth. Her mother was proud and extremely protective of Tamba, and rightfully so.  After Mahadi's death, Choma raised Tamba; however, the Firebrand in Tamba never surfaced and she left the Pride with only betrayal.

Ruka: This former Outsider lioness had been accepted into the pride purely for her use in deceiving the Pridelands in King Moto's generation. She easily adjusted to the lifestyle of Nguvu's, but died soon after.

Betrayal Produces Hope

From End of Spring '99 to Early Spring '02

King and Queen

Nguvu (Energy): Son of Moto and Makaa

Tamba (Glory, Strut): Daughter of Moto and Mahadhi


Mwenga (Spark): Daughter of Moto and Makaa; Sister of Nguvu

Joto and Toya (Heat): Daughters of Moto and Niki;

Kura and Mbarika (Destiny and Truth): Lost Daughters of Mvuka and Mwale; Purebloods; "The Twins";

Majiva (Ashes): Lost Daughter of Moto and Kata

Sinja: Former Nomad

Kara: Former Pridelander

Gorwe: Former Mistweaver Nomad then Pridelander; Sister of Akasi

Akasi: Former Mistweaver Nomad; Sister of Gorwe

Keona: Former Mistweaver Nomad


Nguvu: King of the Mwenge -- Lands of Firebrand. One of traitorous tendencies to his pride as a child, Nguvu seems to be slowly reviving his pride to a well-liked and of one focused on family as opposed to faith. His qualities are almost nothing of his father's, as he left that to his trusted sister, Mwenga, before her death. He keeps the new pride members comfortable with one another, and is fairly successful in keeping them in line.


Tamba: After her mother, Mahadhi, died, Choma took Tamba under her wing.  Even with such a loyal Firebrander to guide her, however, Tamba grew to betray the Pride itself and move with Nguvu and start the Promised Land pride.  She was gentle and kind, allowing anyone to be in the lands.  For those who knew her outside of the Firebrand lands, it was a shame that she never returned to the Firebrand, death meeting her before she had a chance to return with Nguvu to rule as queen.


Mwenga: The Spark, raised by the same generation as Nguvu, and one of the cubs to escape the first sweep of terror. Returning to the Firebrand to see it's downfall, Mwenga had managed to survive through it and live in peace with her brother and the current pride. She was once a Head Huntress of the Pride before Kura and Mbarika took over, and was well in balance with the flame, trying to revive it back to it's former glory.  She was one of the few who could tolerate The Twin's presence before she died.


Joto and Toya: These sisters were an of the early litter of the Moto reign. They were raised as strict followers of the Firebrand way, adopted by fellow pridemembers when their mother, Niki, passed away soon in their cubhood from old age. Still, the sisters carried on in the same tradition their mother did, as lionesses of the hunting party.


Kura and Mbarika: "The Twins"... Destiny and Truth, these two creatures posed as nomads before joining the pride. Yet after gaining trust, it was found out that they are of the old pride in blood, mind, and soul. Learning this after knowing them so long left an almost permanent negative impression upon Nguvu, fearing that they are as bad as their father, Mvuka. Outside they reveal nearly nothing, making the rest of the pride uneasy, while inside, their thoughts are between themselves.  They have a deep attachment to the newer Firebranders, much to the dislike of Nguvu.  It should be known that they are after the welfare of the pride and its balance with the flame, only achievable through faith.  Permission was eventually given to them to teach the Firebranders of the generations before, leaving them the last link to the past.


Majiva: Nguvu had taken a liking to her, though she appeared only in the most recent moons much like The Twins did.  There was a distinct difference between this one, born of Moto and his mother, Kata, and them, however.  She seemed to focus less on the future of the Pride's former faith and more on Nguvu himself.  Soon after she appeared, Majiva bore Nguvu four daughters, and disappeared just as quickly.


Sinja: This former nomad seemed less in tune to the flame, and less likely to change for it. She didn't mind Promised Land life, but the Firebrand was much different. Seeing all of the differing cultures around her made her uneasy at the beginning, but she slowly accepted it to the point where she even asked to be trained with the rest, as well as her last child, Palia.


Kara: A former Pridelander with much promise in Mwenga's eyes, Kara was quickly accepted by Nguvu in a few days, being impregnated before she officially entered the pride.  The Pridelander has since passed on before she was able to allow time for the cubs to fully develop inside the womb.


Gorwe: Daughter of a Mistweaver at birth who turned to the Pridelands, she had changed her lifestyle and joined the Firebranders to be closer to Nguvu.  It was undertermined what outlook she may have had on the Pride's future, but she returned to the Pridelands for a second time to be with her closest family.  After talking with Nguvu, Gorwe spent her last nights in the Pridelands before being unexpectedly murdered by an Outlander, who mistook which pride Gorwe belonged to.


Akasi: This former nomad that followed Nguvu back as a Promised Land lioness was young when she passed on, and was easily trained to the Firebrand ways. Her mother was one of the Mistweavers who rejected joining an alliance with the Firebrand in its time of need, but Akasi herself was accepted by the pride, even going as far as to producing the first heir.


Keona: A former nomad that was also involved in the Promised Land Pride and the Mistweavers, Keona was one of the many lionesses that ran in fear from their lands when asked to join the Firebrand, and ran to Nguvu's Promised Land Pride. She seemed much like a kind nomad, but was loyal to Nguvu and Mwenga in her new pride; yet in her last days of life, she became strangely close to Kura, her forced hunting partner.

Tale of Prophecy

Present Pride


King and Queen

Kudura (Power): Son of Nguvu and Mwenga

Sisimka (Make the Blood Race): Daughter of Ukame; Former Mistweaver


Ukali (Strength): Daughter of Nguvu and Mwenga; Hunt Mistress

Mteketezo (Great Fire): Son of Ukali; Prince

Kuwaka (blaze): Daughter of Nguvu and Joto

Ziyasha (to set fire to the soul): Daughter of Nguvu and Toya

Amkia (Light), Mwali (uninitiated/tongue of Flame), Shwari (Peaceful), Shairi (Poem): Kin of Nguvu and Akasi

Kimeti and Fataki (Firefly and Fireworks): Daughters of Kudura and Amkia; Princesses

Palia and Siraji (Take live Embers from Fire and Candlestick): Daughters of Nguvu and Sinja

Ungua (Damaged by Fire)- Daughter of Kudura and Palia- Damaged by Fire

Tianuru, Uzulu, Umlilo, and Tshatya (Illuminate, Fire, Fire, and Smoke): Daughters of Nguvu and Majiva

Zia (To Drive away with Fire): Daughter of Kudura and either Kura or Mbarika


[Taken] Kudura: The King has suffered through many various opinions on how exactly he should run his pride now that his father has stepped back. Kudura has taken a total stranger of the pride as his Queen, despite the urgings of his elders to take a lioness of Firebrand blood. Nevertheless, the King, who was raised strict in the Firebrand faith, has strayed from his teachers in this one respect. Still, the king does heed helpful advice from his sister, Ukali, much like the relationship Choma and Moto had in the past.


[Taken] Sisimka: Once the princess of the Mistweaver, Sisimka is now the Firebrand Queen along side Kudura. Sisimka endured the riggers of Kura and Mbarika's 'testing', and managed to pull through. Unfortunately for Sisimka, the Kura and Mbarika's 'test' appears to be the least of her worries against a pride that is displeased with her offlandish flicker.


[Taken] Ukali: This Princess (Still retaining her title, is often found in consorts with her brother, similar to the relationship Choma and Moto had many years ago) has turned out to be an outstanding Hunt Mistress. Trained in the way of the Flame by her mother, as well as the Fire Twins, she knows every trick of the land.


[Taken] Mteketezo: Ukali's son has great rumor about him. Since Ukaliís vision, prophesizing her bearing a "Great Fire", the Pride has watched her every move. Upon giving birth to a son, the Pride whispered further. Is he the next great king? A stricter eye is kept upon this cub than any of the others, in part thanks to the Fire Twins ever patrolling the lands. Mteketezo seems ignorant to the rumors for the time being, and just does his best to avoid the taunting from his relatively older sisters in the pride.


[Taken] Kuwaka: She is the daughter of Joto, and, until her adulthood, has been fairly quiet. However, she's erupted into her adulthood now and is fierce member of Ukali's hunting party. She is one of the few lions of this generation versed in the firebrand ways in the strict ol' fashion made famous by the Fire Twins.


[Taken] Ziyasha: Like her cousin, Kuwaka, this embodiment of th Flame has remained at a low boil until now. However, with her first hunt behind her and it's mark branded in her coat, she's ready to accompany Ukali's hunting party. Like her fellow pure-bloods, she is well adapted to life in Firebrand and will undoubtably prove as a rival to the offlandish sort...maybe even the gray queen.


(Deceased) Amkia: Her mother was loyal to the Flame to the death, and Amkia appears to follow in the image of her mother. Her brother was the original heir to the throne, but has since disappeared, and it was proposed at one time that Amkia would assume that royal position. Kudura would choose another, however, and Amkia was to resume her position as lioness of Ukali's hunting party. Unfortunately, during Amkia pregnancy her Flame did not fair well. She lived her long enough to bare two healthy daughters into the pride.


(Vanished) Mwali, (Deceased) Shwari, (Deceased) Amkia, and (Banished) Shairi: The first born cubs of the Firebrand generation, produced by Akasi and Nguvu, seemed to turn out more of a disappointment than anything.  None appeared to be Firebrand, taking on Akasi's golden toned appearance. Only one Akasi's half-blooded litter prospered in the pride, that being Amkia.  Mwali vanished before any results of promise developed, with no evidence and none to blame; Shwari, apparently having a weak flame from her nomad blood, perished soon after birth, her death resulting in rumors regarding the other cubs; Shairi was banished for being traitorous to the pride.  Amkia was the last and only one to carry on Akasi's nomad blood.


[Taken] Kimeti and [Taken] Fataki: The two princesses of the pride are equal in beauty, retaining a golden-red color never before seen. They are a shade lighter than previous Firebrand blood, but still retain the red, making their origins unmistakable. Fataki was born shortly after Kimeti, but their personalities are as different as night and day. Fataki is proud, well-aware of the regality she holds. It would seem she would make the better heir, despite her birthorder. At least Fataki seems to think so. The flame glows bright within her, but her stubborn streak may get in the way. Kimeti, conversely, is but the firefly she was named after. She hardly has the outgoing persona often expected from a Princess. Though she may be shy, she likes it that way. She knows the Pride and its stories down to the last anthill... for when she doesn't speak, she is always listening.


(Deceased) Palia and (Deceased) Siraji: Being the late, third-born of Nguvu's cubs, Palia and Siraji seemed to have no real place in the Pride.  Palia was the only one to live past cubhood, and her life has been formed in the Firebrand.  Under the influence of her mother, Palia had never quite fit in to the Firebrand Pride, but it providef her with shelter and food so she didn'tcomplain. She had heard the stories a thousand times from the Fire Twins and her other Pride members, but they have never really sunk in. Like her cousin, Amkia, Palia's Flame did not fair well through her pregnancy and died shortly after giving birth to a single daughter.


[Taken] Ungua: Daughter of Palia, she says what her mother never did. Very vocal, even at a young age, Ungua voices her opinions about the Pride. It is apparent her level of intelligence is very high already. She questions the stories and the traditions, and it is obvious she doesn't agree with some of them. Only time will tell what will become of Ungua and her already forming beliefs.


[Taken] Kura and [Taken] Mbarika: Becoming the elder members of the pride has been an interesting transition for these two sisters. They still lend their wise advice and past stories to ears that will listen, but they have stepped back in their levels of power. Ukali has now taken over the hunts. Mystery still surrounds them though. They were both pregnant at the same time, and left for the Shadow Valley to birth their cubs. However, only one cub returned with them. No one knows the mother, excepting the Twins. Rumors have spread once again that weak links skip a generation and this daughter is due.


[Taken] Zia: She is clouded in mystery as much as her mother is. She is the daughter of a Firebrand Twin which one remains unknown, even to her. Zia learned quickly not to question it though, as Mbarika and Kura were quick to silence that. The two both serve as mothers, though they could hardly be called that. Zia has been raised with an iron fist, the Twins being determined not to have another weak link in their bloodline, as their own mother Mwali was. Zia has a strong flame, spending her time practicing her skills and technique rather than with her fellow cubs.


(Deceased) Sinja: This former nomad seems less in tune to the flame, and less likely to change for it. She didn't mind Promised Land life, but the Firebrand is much different. But she finally capitulated, trained by Kura and Mbarika, however pasted away soon after.


[Taken] Umlilo, (Deceased) Uzulu, (Deceased) Tianuru, and (Deceased) Tshatya:  These four were the last of Nguvu's cubs, produced by Majiva and himself.  Even if they are full-blooded, they seemed to die of quickly after birth, much to the disappointment of Nguvu's line. Only Umlilo has survived. She's grown into a fashionable adult, well versed in Firebrand by the teachings of Kura and Mbarika.

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