Gizivans Running Short on Time - Since the brawl on the Northern Ridge, between Firebrand and Gizivans, Syntah and Inda, the Gizivans have been left with few options. Making matters worse, Firebrand has moved forward taking all of Northern Giziva. With young cubs to tend to, most Gizivans can't afford a risky confrontation to reclaim the lands.

So will Firebrand take back their ancestral lands? Or will the old outlandish lineage in Giziva prove once again that it can take Firebrand and push them off? For now, it's looking pretty bleak for the Gizivans.

Firebrand Strikes BACK! - For years the Northern Ridge of Giziva has been a quiet place. Even when the Outlanders roamed the outlandish outback, things were quiet. Now, that silence is a thing of the past. Thunderous roars and violence hangs on the border.

Firebrand is back and with a vengeance! They want what was taken from them years ago and as of right now they mean to do it fast. Already two lionesses have been attacked by the first wave of Firebrand forces. In the brawl between Firebrand's Kuwaka, Ziyasha and Sisimka, and Giziva's Inda and Syntah, there have been serious casualities. Syntah, an elder in the region, was taken down brutally by Kuwaka. Inda, severely wounded, almost followed suit hadn't it been for Firebrand intentions to send a message to the rest of the Gizivan residents: Leave or Die!

Cubs just another new sight in Giziva- If seeing herds, fresh water and green grass was too much for your senses to respond to in Giziva, the sight of cubs is going to rock your mind. That's right, cubs are roaming the Gizivan frontier. Several of the former Outsiders, descendents of the orginals, are the proud mothers of the newest arrivals. The path of these children is totally unknown and will make for a very interesting future.

Where did the Outlands Go?- When you go the Bayete Stream, that flow of water that created the border between two infamous kingdoms, you see a herd cross without hesitation. In the past, beasts of hoof would tremble at the water's edge along the Prideland's side. They would look on to the west across the stream to the barren and treacherous Outlands, never daring to step foot on the cracked and ill-nurtured earth that was the Outlands.

Now, the Outlands are no more. When the herds come to the river they tread the waters with ease and trot onto the young pastures. The name the 'Outlands' was associated with death, exile, and torture, in which becoming sanctuary of burden for those deemed criminals and misfits. With herds frolicking on the flats and Outsider descendants starting new lives and baring children it hardly seems fit to call the lands a name that digs up a dark times. So, the name has changed, just as the lands have. Named after the distinct red hued fog that settles on the grasslands, the lands are called Giziva. A new name for new beginnings.