Family Tree


Firebrand Tragedy - Firebrand loses it's King and pure-blooded sister, Umlilo, in a tragic confrontation. Find out how.

Firebrand's Loss

Can Fire and Water really coexist? - Even with the success Firebrand has had taking back ancestral against their older rival the Gizivans, the pride of the Flame is running into problems. Their allies, the Mistweavers, are dishing out a downpour of problems for the Firebrand who's Flame desire more land to burn.

King Kudura has halted the invasion on the account of differences between Ukame and Maliki, leading lions of the Valley pride, a pride that was suppose to pay a major role in the defense of the conquered lands. In addition, bad news has come from Sisimka that the Mistweavers now want some claim to the conquered lands...where as prior, they didn't.

Queen Sisimka worries that land disputes between the two prides will lead to war.

Pride Strikes the Gizivans! - Gizivans...Outlanders...Gizivan...They are all the same to Firebrand. It was the filth of Giziva that stole their current lands from Firebrand. Firebrand has waited generations for vengeance and now they are on the move to have it!

Kudura has sent a wave of lionesses to the Northern Ridge of Gizivan and claimed it has their own. Within just a night of that order, Firebrand met face to face with their enemy, the Gizivans. Kuwaka, Queen Sisimka, and Ziyasha took on two of the Gizivans when they came up to the newly conquered border. The confrontation proved a fair sport and test of Firebrand strength as they reigned victorious over their Gizivan adversary.

One of the Gizivans was killed on the spot, while the other was left to crawl back to their new border to send a message: Leave or die!

Firebrand is already making plans to move forward.

Firebrand & Mistweavers? Together? - Firebrand and the Mistweavers have forged an alliance in the attempt of regaining the Gizivan lands. History has told each generation that the Outlands were stole from them years ago by Zira and her pride of outlanders. Now, in a historical moment of 'peace' between the pride, they are working together to take back what it rightfully theirs.

New Queen Sets a Fire in Mwenge-In an attempt to gain some control and respect from her new pride sisters, Sisimka, Cadres chosen bride, has been seen taking some drastic measures against the native Firebrand lionesses. One such incident was when Sisimka confronted the disgruntle Ziyasha, which resulted in a fierce combat between the two. Surprisingly, Sisimka managed to overcome her adversary and win the brawl. In the meanwhile, this has left some mixed feelings amongst the other lionesses, who are now thinking quite differently of their new queen.

Outlands were formerly Firebrand lands, so what is Giziva to Firebrand now? - In olden times, during the reign of Firebrand King Malaki, the Outlands were once the property of Mwenge and it's pride. When Zira and her band of outsiders were exiled away from Pride Rock, they made camp on the lands known then as the Outlands. Despite their defenses, Firebrand lost the lands to the Outsiders. Since then, the lands remained the property of the Outsiders with little to no opposition from their brewing neighbors, Firebrand. Now, the Outlands are no more. The lands have transformed back to their they're ancestral state, revealing evidences of both their Firebrand and Mistweaver heritage. The lands have taken on the new name of Giziva, a word derived from the Swahili language meaning red fog. In past generations, Kings have made attempts to recapture the Outlands, each time falling short of that goal. Now that the Outlands are gone, replaced with this new land of Giziva, does Firebrand still hold in it's mind: that is our land? And, will Firebrand again try to take what was rightfully there's? Will they hold their old grudge against the occupants of Giziva despite the fact that this generation was not responsible for the thief and doesn't recall the lands belonging to anyone, but themselves? Certainly time will tell.