Pride Rock Pride



Pride of the Pridelands

Badali's Pride


King(s): Badali - Son of Simba and Vitani

Queen: Callia - Daughter of Simba and Shanowa

Heir(s): ???


Callia - daughter of Simba and Shanowa
Sheena - Daughter of Badali and Ruka
Malaika - Daughter of Simba and Nala
Lani - Daughter of Kovu and Kallisto
Jasiri, Hakika, and Akase - Daughters of Kovu and Kiara
Kisiri and Fikara - Son and Daughter of Simba and Mirathi
Azima, Ushindi, Vurumai - Daughters of Kisonoko and Sheena
Salika, Akili, and Lei-Lei - Daughters of Badali and Callia
Sare and Sawa -Son and Daughter of Badali and Hekaya
Jahina - Daughter of Sabu and Ani
Shairi - Daughter of Nguvu and Akasi
Kiara - Daughter of Simba and Nala
To Join the Pride: For those that wish to join in on the granduer of Pride Rock, you may @request a PL(Pridelands) Lioness. Be sure to include a detailed background of your character's history. Also remember to get player's consent if you so desire to be related to any of the above mentioned Pridals. Nomads are also welcome to join through roleplay.
Player Advice: As with all situations, when the case is the lioness just appears into the pride, please give the current Pridals a heads up about your characters so things run smoothly IC. :-)