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Pridelanders lend a paw - Finding the beaten body of Inda on the Pridelands/Gizivan border, Pridelanders, King Badali and Jahina, insisted the Gizivan come to the Pridelands. Giving the lioness, Inda, little choice, she was halled over to the Pridelands where she released news of Firebrand's invasion and her brawl with them on the Northern Ridge. Concerned, the Pridelanders immediately began to discuss the seriousness of the matter for the Gizivans and the Pridelands.

At the first opportunity, Inda fled the Pridelands back to Giziva after a heated argument with Sheena.

Kovu Steps Down - The aging Monarch, Kovu, has decided to step down. Kovu had assumes co-leadership of the pride with Badali after the eventual death of Simba and now, after many seasons at the helm, has announced his retirement. Following him, is his high spirited mate Kiara.

Badali is now the sole King of Pride Rock.