Family Tree


Mistweaver Faith

The Mistweavers pride believes in the rain and drought. When things were good, it rained and brought green vegetation for the prey in which the pride fed. -But when wrong was done in the pride, the rain would cease to fall and the drought would settle in, killing everybody slowly and depriving every bit of life of it's energy and will to live. This belief created both a line of rain and droughts through the beginning of the bloodline.  Drought lions would cause hardships if they came to rule, and rain lions would make the generations prosperous and become great.  Thus, this created a sort of seed that planted prejudice within the pride in the earlier days.  Drought lionesses were held and denied the right to mate, the rulers trying to weed out the bad links.  Perhaps this is the precise thing that brought the inevitable downfall so many generations ago to the Mistweavers Pride.  It is uncertain for sure, of course, but each member who knows of the Pride must have their own opinions.

The lions themselves tend to be tinted with dull colors, ranging usually from gray to an almost black or brown, as far as their coat goes.

The Mistweavers reside in the water-eroded caverns and valleys within the depths of an age-old crater to the northwest of Pride Rock, east of Firebrand, and northeast of the Outlands.  The valley, situated between the ill feelings of the neighboring prides, is amazingly not too affected by the borders.  The Valley's inhabitants are more secluded from the rest of the world, by choice as well as by land.  The Valley, as this crater came to be called, is filled with lush grasses and forests, waterfalls and a large lake.  The expanse itself is not very large, but it has enough factors with seclusion and plentiful water to create some sort of self-sustaining environment.  Large game isn't as commonly seen, but is isn't non-existent.  Droughts are not a problem, the Valley always filled with enough water to keep everything healthy for a long time to come.  It is a wonder why the lands have not been claimed by anyone other than nomads, and it still remains a mystery.

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