Family Tree


Mistweavers Pride Family Tree and Profiles In the Valley of Mists

IC Generation:

The Future

The Beginning
(Generation One)

King and Queen

Wasa (Derivative of 'Drizzle') and Umande (Mist)



Nyesha (Rain), Msukaj (Weaver), Machwa (Dust), Rasha (Whirlwind)

Future to Hold
(Generation Two)

King and Queen
Osheka (Washed of): Son of Wasa and Rasha
Tasa (Water Basin): Daughter of Wasa and Umande

Jito (Large River) and Kijito (Small River): Sons of Osheka and Tasa
Chamchela (Wind Direction): Daughter of Wasa and Msukaj
Wimbi and Chafuko: Daughters of Kijito and Rasha

That to Come
(Generation Three)

King and Queen
Kunge (Misty Water): Son of Jito and Chamchela
Kauta (Sand): Daughter of Kiangazi and Kinyam

Kiangazi (Dry Season): Son of Osheka and Machwa
Kinyam (Storm) and Maji (Water): Daughter of Jito and Chamchela

Which Way To Fall?
(Generation Four)

King and Queen
Mvua (Downpour): Son of Kunge and Kauta
Tatia (Wind): Daughter of Kiangazi and Maji

Kivumbi (Dust Cloud): Son of Kiangazi and Maji
Kosha (Wash Away): Daughter of Kunge and Kauta

Hate Too Strong
(Generation Five)

King and Queen

Mkana (One who Denies): Son of Mvua and Tatia
Teka'Maji (Draw Water): Daughter of Kivumbi and Kosha

Mtenga (One who Decieves): Son of Mvua and Tatia

Wadi (Water Course): Daughter of Kivumbi and Kosha

Sokota (Gusting Wind): Daughter of Kivumbi and Kosha; Banished

Cold Revenge
(Generation Six)

King and Queen
Ukungu (Mist Weaver): Son of Mkana and Teka'Maji
Shacha (Drought): Daughter of Mkana and Wadi

The Future
(Generation Seven)

King and Queen
Kipwa (Dry Place): Son of Ukungu and Shacha
Ukame (Drought): Daughter of Mtega and Sokota
Maliki (Begin): Son of Kipwa and Ukame
Sisimka (Make the Blood Race): Daughter of Kipwa and Ukame

Nomadic Mistweavers: Ratha, Ruya, Johari, Firyir, Jinja, and more - Yejide, Kiokosi, and Hekaya

[Taken] Ukame: Drought, banished daughter of Mtega and Sokota, and mother of Maliki and Sisimka. She returned to her lands to find they had been returned to normal, much to her surprise. Once deprived of being princess by the former king, Ukungu, Ukame is the last of the true blood that was thought to have been completely gone. With her young and the chance to bring back the old ways and seeking a new, fresh bloodline, she hopes to bring back her old lineage to the pride.

[Taken] Maliki: The son of Kipwa and Ukame, brother of Sisimka with a name meaning 'beginning.' He is the start of a new future, the one who could bring back the lost blood of his ancestors. If there is enough support and there is no obstacles, he will be the new king to the Valley, restoring it to it's fullest. He has both the blood of the rain and drought, and with each he will complete and build the future on the old ways. By his meek personality and qualities, though, he will have quite a bit of trouble achieving any of these goals.

[Taken] Sisimka: The daughter of Kipwa and Ukame, sister of Maliki with a name meaning 'make the blood race.' She was promised to be a great hunter and a great help to Maliki in teaching the ways of the past as well as help renew the lands. She is a princess, but isn't fulfilling her mother's wishes. It seems like she'll never get the hang of hunting and hasn't even mentioned what she knows about the past, if anything.

[Taken] Jinja: One of the New Generation Mistweavers having traveled from afar and claimed the Valley and it's inhabitants her friends. Just after Firyir died with the rest of her friends and bindings to the Valley's lands, Jinja left to satisfy her hope and past. Recently, Jinja returned and carried with her the last hopes and dreams in the form of a single cub who she would name Kiokosi, 'reward for finding something lost'.  

[Taken] Kiokosi: A small cub brought into the world by Jinja, a New Generation Mistweaver, at around the same time as Maliki and Sisimka. No one knows what her future will hold, and if she will play a big part in the circle or not; however, she seems to have a great mind and opinion of her own.  Her mother holds a special place in her heart, and it will most definitely break her when Jinja leaves the world as we know it.

[Taken] Yejide: Daughter of the New Generation Mistweaver, Firyir, Yejide lives in her mother's legacy. She knows all of the nomads whom her mother knew, even if she has not met them personally. Most of those have moved on by now, as expected, but Firyir's death was a surprise to Yejide, as she had only known her mother enough time to learn before she passed on. This has changed her perspective on life, but she will fight for the last she has - the lands of the Valley that hold what is dear and sacred, her mother's memories.

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